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Artist currently specializing in portraits of People animals, housing, etc.

message me or comment on my Instagram your request or questions you might have.

Michael Grossman

Text Phone @: 

(804) 836-5870



500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Date of Birth:

April 13th, 1995

A Bit About Me

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SignScapes, Richmond, VA (now closed),Interned for a little over a year (2012-2013) getting to know how a graphic designer works in office setting as well as how to install graphics such as vynl stickers for various businesses, how to both wrap and peel wrap carefully from a car.

Working Concession at SCOR (Sports Center of Richmond) and how to close up a large facility, as well as dealing with customers and how to present myself (keep up appearance).

starting Online business and building things like this website and connecting it to the appropriate channels to set up print on demand E commerce, etc.



Stickers, decals, graphics and more!